A white (or composite) filling is a tooth coloured plastic and glass mixture that is used to restore decayed teeth. White fillings can also be used for cosmetic improvements, as they can help mask discoloured or disfigured teeth. These composite resins (tooth-coloured fillings) provide good durability and resistance to fracture or decay in small to mid-sized fillings that need to withstand the pressures from constant stress and chewing.

After one of our Dentists have assessed your case and determined a tooth filling is the best solution, you will be give the full cost  and booked in for your next treatment, or if we have time we are happy to commence treatment on the same day.

We will prepare the area with numbing gel before local anaesthetic is used. This creates a more comfortable experience  by lessening the feeling of the local anaesthetic needle.

Once the area is completely numb, we will remove any decay with a drill and seal the area with a filling. To maintain proper bite function, will check with you to ensure that your bite feels normal. If necessary, part of the filling will be filed down to restore the natural bite.

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Teeth Whitening

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Dental Implants

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Active Maintenance & Prevention

The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. Your scheduled routine visits to the dentist can help prevent or reveal an existing disease in its early stage.

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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentists you can count on. We understand how distressing it can be when your teeth are giving you pain or discomfort.

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