Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth (also called ‘third molars’) usually do not push through the gums until people are in their late teens, twenties or even older.  Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to come through the gums.

In many people, not enough space is at the rear of the jaws for wisdom teeth to come easily through the gums.

If the jaw does not have space for a wisdom tooth to come through, the tooth will be wedged in or ‘impacted’.

Some impacted wisdom teeth remain in place and cause no trouble, however, other impacted wisdom teeth may cause severe problems and must be removed.

If you are in pain or concerned about wisdom teeth issues, contact us for a consultation.  One of our dentist’s will do a examination and also take an  OPG x-ray to fully assess the situation.  We have an OPG machine on site so no need to be referred and saves you time.

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Wisdom Teeth



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